Lot of things happening!

It has been a while since the last blog post! Lot of things have happened, especially on the dev side, and now we are finally ready for the next test phase.

Great code, good feedback and lot’s and lot’s of new ideas! It is really exciting!

Take care!

Slush Helsinki at sight!

We are keeping up a good pace with the Tiimio test team! MVP has been under constant fire and it’s been a great learning experience. A comprehensive customer survey is just starting and we are also planning the next release. Finally, in the end of the month, we’ll make a huge splash at Slush Helsinki! It will be awesome!

Test drivin’ Tiimio!

TiimioAsset 1@2x

Tiimio’s been running now for good while in a test environment and it is doing very well! During the coming weeks we will continue rigorous testing, and gradually start collecting the first user’s experiences. It will be fun and extremely valuable to listen carefully all comments and ideas!

We also want to thank our commercial partners who help to develop Tiimio. We could not do it without your continued support.

Almost there!

These are the last lines before going live with the new site!

It is soooo exciting to let everyone know about your project that has been mainly between your own ears thus far.

Wish us luck!

In memoriam: Eero Tohka 8.10.2017