We aim to make the world a better place!

Kohtaus Productions develops products for small tasks, so that people have more time for big ones.

We seek ways to make good deeds rewarding for everyone. Wouldn’t it be great if you, let’s say, open a door for someone, and would be rewarded for it next time you shop at the local store?

With the speed technology is developing, this may not be that far-fetched as you may think.

We make and ask for favours all the time, and many times are left with a feeling that the person who helped should receive some kind of compensation.

What if you are a local business and want to support the community? Wouldn’t it be awesome if your support would make people help other people? Wouldn’t it be good if your customers would be willing to help, even if the one who they helped could not return the favour?

We at Kohtaus believe it would really make a difference.

Our vision is a community where people and businesses both benefit from good deeds.

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