Have you ever wondered, if someone would come up with a tool that would make something easier? Have you ever thought that some things could be done more straightforward or faster?

This is how we got started.

We decided to seek solutions to difficulties that are faced every day. They may be too small to even think about, you just deal with them. Things happen like always, because there seems to be no better way. It would be fun to know, how much time people spend planning and pondering how to organise daily tasks.

The small problems are great, because the solutions are often small, too. We would love to cure the cancer, but unfortunately it is too big of a wall to climb. But what if we could come up with something that makes the patient happy, and help the recovery in that way?

Small nags are also great because they are everywhere, and our work never ends! We already have one good solution to a common problem, and more to come.

So let’s ride together!


Kohtaus Productions Oy

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06100 Porvoo


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