Master of the Marvels takes you into a hidden Marble Factory inside a Mountain of Ice, where your entry causes havoc and slaved skeletons take you as a captive. You will remain there for an eternity, unless you somehow manage to repair the devastated manufacturing process, collect lost Marbles, and restart production.


You will help Will ‘O’ The Wisp named Aleya on her way through the caves to the disrupted volcano, so that she can stop the eruptions and the production of raw Marble materials starts again. Aleya knows the way but is constantly threatened by the falling Marbles from the erupting Volcano. You will use magical powers to clear the way for her, and at the same time, to collect the correct missing Marbles.

Gems, Gems, Gems!

Aleya loves gold, jewels and gems. You can provide her special properties by buying them at the Marble Factory Shop. The only problem is that you don’t have any gold! Luckily, with your help, Aleya collects many valuables along the way, so that you can buy stuff from the shopkeeper and please her!


Do not let the Marbles push Aleya over the edge of the narrow path, avoid the exploding cubes, and find a way to tame the Volcano, and become the MASTER of the MARVELS! In the game, you will tap obstacles that roll down a slope, while AI driven Aleaya tries to move up towards the goal in 20 levels and 4 stages. You will tap the False Marbles to push them away and let the correct ones roll pass you in order to collect points. You have three lives for each round, and the round ends if lives are lost or 100 correct or false Marbles are collected. Along the way, there are exploding objects and other that give extra life and coins. In the Factory Shop, gems and special properties are available for purchase with the collected coins.